“ We had an excellent teacher with extensive knowledge of the Dutch language. The classes were adapted to our learning goals and provided very useful and diverse studying material with different types of exercises, making us practice and learn in an effective way.  It’s with confidence that I recommend Dutch Language Centre to all who want to learn Dutch! ”
Joana Mota IT auditor Globalcollect Int. payment services

“ We got a lot of chance to practice and talk in Dutch during the class and were encouraged to use the language all the time. We played games, watched videos, not only boring study material. Dutch lessons at Dutch Language Centre removes the barrier for people to study a foreign
language. “
Wen Liu Treasury Analyst  Globalcollect Int. payment services

“ I took a weekly incompany group course at Dutch Language Centre in the evenings. The entertaining and engaging teaching method had a
balance between theory and practice to help us gain skills for everyday conversation. I would highly recommend “Dutch language centre” to
anyone serious about making real progress.”
Viswanath Jayachandran

” Ik was tevreden op de manier hoe er les werd gegeven, vooral omdat ik 1 op 1 les kreeg . Ik kon focussen op punten waar ik zwak in ben.
Verder was docent Aline aardig en geduldig en respectvol.”
Werknemer Philadelphia Zorg Amsterdam, (cursist schrijfvaardigheid Zakelijk Nederlands)

” Absolutely recommended!! Through dialogs and exercises, the teacher sees directly where your weak points are at and will focus on your weak points to train and correct you. You’ll definitely feel “oh, I did improve a lot! ”
Yingyi Zhu Business Controller Global collect

” I was very happy to learn Dutch at Dutch Language Centre! ”
Amélie Chaussade

” I attended the “Summer course for Beginners” in 2012. As a former school principal in Germany foreign language teaching is familiar to me in all facets. By the supporting and encouraging manner of our teacher I was soon able to speak and understand Dutch in daily life situations.
Therefore I can recommend the “Dutch Language Centre” to all who want to learn Dutch.”
Beatrice Philipp-Kasper, Realschulrektorin a.D.

“ I would heartily recommend any international employer in the Netherlands to choose Dutch Language Centre as their preferred Dutch language supplier. ”
Jessica Buckley Spring Global Mail, cursist staatsexamen NT2 progr. II (geslaagd)

“The courses that I followed at Dutch Language Centre course were well designed for my specific needs. I have improved my grammar and
enlarged my vocabulary. More importantly, I have gained the confidence to speak Dutch in my daily life. I believe that Dutch Language Centre is definitely a good choice for someone who wants to learn Dutch.”
Xin Lui Spring Global Mail, cursist staatsexamen NT2 progr. II (geslaagd)

” The training focus is on providing the structure, confidence and vocabulary to handle real-life conversations. I found the training quickly helped me handle typical situations I come across on a daily basis such as shopping, ordering food in restaurants, buying rail tickets rather than
becoming bogged down in grammar. The lesson plans evolved as we learned to provide more relevant subjects and maintain a strong interest rather than sticking religiously to one whole text book. ”
Graeme Wilson Director Business Processes Arizona Chemical

” As beginners, the experience of learning Dutch with Dutch Language Center was very interactive oriented and efficient way to enter into
practice. Within an ideal small group of 4-5 people, the teachers can really pay the right attention to each of us. They provided us with a large
variety of materials such as class-book, website, and also over the course of the class, songs, games, student interactive dialogs etc. It’s not only a way to learn about the language itself but as well to understand the Dutch way of life and appreciate the culture. After each lesson we are eager to start spending time outside to practice either with friends, at the market place, rail station or even writing few emails. ”
Minna Parta, Laurent Porot, Geraldine Bouvry, Kirills Lavrentjevs  Arizona Chemical Almere

” I learned a lot on the intensive summer course. There were plenty of verbal conversation practices which I needed the most. The biggest merit of the course was that the teacher proved that I already knew much more than I thought. I was more confident  with my Dutch after the course. Thanks again for the pleasant and useful lessons! ”
Timi Kondor (Summer course student)

” Dutch language Centre heeft voor mij ” op maat ” sessies verzorgd om mijn (autodidact) B1-B2 niveau te verbeteren. Ik heb mijn doel bereikt in 7 lessen en ben zeer tevreden met het behaalde resultaat. ”
Elio Torrisi (systeembeheerder) Tunix, (cursist schrijfvaardigheid Zakelijk Nederlands)

“De lessen waren intensief en interessant. De sfeer was positief. We kregen antwoorden op alle onze vragen. We hebben ook veel nieuwe
woorden geleerd, veel grammatische oefeningen gekregen en ook gespeeld. De leraar gaf genoeg aandacht aan iedereen. Ik ben heel
Liza Lezhenina, cursist staatsexamen NT2 progr. II (geslaagd)

After having studied for about 2 years  learning the Dutch language, I still did not feel confident to take the state exam NT2-II. However, after 2 months of solid preparation with Dutch Language Centre I felt ready to take the exam. I have now taken the exam and passed. What the teacher is really good at is making you understand what answer they are looking for in the state exams question/ situation. Being a Romanian language teacher, teaching foreigners and having had experience with learning other languages myself, I believe that the teacher was the best I could have had for teaching me Dutch. I highly recommend the Dutch Language Centre. Thank you for your help!
Mirela Moiseanu, cursist staatsexamen NT2 progr. II (geslaagd)