Dutch for Beginners

Students during incompany course Dutch for BeginnersOur course Dutch for Beginners is suited for international employees needing basic skills in the Dutch language. In many international companies English has become the main language on the work floor. However, for living you will need survival Dutch. For example all the official correspondence, tax, parking tickets, your bills and talking to local call centres will be in Dutch. In a Beginners course participants learn to speak and write in Dutch to a basic A1 level according to the Common European Reference Framework. And of course they learn to chat in Dutch with their Dutch colleagues at the coffee break or during lunch!

In our course Dutch for Beginners participants learn:

  • the general language skills of Dutch
  • a basic vocabulary
  • everyday vocabulary
  • to apply the newly learned directly

Incompany Dutch for Beginners
A course Dutch for Beginners is a training programme of 28 hours with a minimum of 2 hours class
per week. Before the start of the course an interview is held to establish exactly the needs to learn
the language, how it will be used and what standard of competence is required. A course is then
designed to meet the specific training objectives of the participants.

Beginners courses are suitable for individuals and groups. Classes take place incompany and
programme timetables are flexible. A constant review of the relevance and effectiveness of the
programme is carried out. The final report gives the individual and the company a profile of the
progress and advises on future language development.

Are you or is your company interested in a course Dutch for Beginners or a free trial lesson?
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