Advanced Dutch

Student in incompany advanced Dutch courseDo you want to improve your Dutch for your job, your study or other purposes? This programme is suitable for participants wanting to extend their language skills to level B1, B2 or C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference. During this course you increase your vocabulary and learn to speak more fluently with native speakers about both private and work related subjects. You also become more aware of the nuances of the Dutch language.
To qualify for this course you need to be able to speak and write in basic Dutch.

This programme considers:

  • word order
  • grammatical rules
  • vocabulary and idioms
  • correspondence
  • conversation

Incompany Advanced Dutch
Before the course begins we complete an intake interview to evaluate existing language competencies.
This is a training programme with a minimum of one day per week(28 class hours). One lesson consists
of a minimum of two hours class, followed by around 3 hours of self study. To increase the ease of language
acquisition a full immersion approach is adopted i.e., 100% of class time is spent only using Dutch.
The course is suitable for individuals and groups.

Are you or is your company interested in a course Advanced Dutch or a free trial lessonPlease contact
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This Advanced Dutch course is the route to the official Dutch State Exam NT2 I-II (Dutch as a second Language).